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Lakeith Stanfield Is Ready for Top Billing

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Rise Just Doesn’t: NBC’s Musical-Theater High School Drama Is Friday Night Lite

The Entourage Movie May Be a Branded Romp but it’s Easy Fun [ed. note: the headline is generous!]

Best Buds: How the Creators of High Maintenance Crushed the Stoner Stereotype (cover story)

Blue Planet II Will Blow Your Mind and Break Your Heart


Both Sides Now: Why Sex Rules in Hulu’s ‘The Bisexual’

Body Politics: TV’s Slow Push Toward Size Acceptance

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The Good Place Isn’t About Heaven and Hell, It’s About the Internet

The Talent-on-Talent Interview Has Reached Its Apex With BFFs Meryl Streep and Tracey Ullman


Late-Night Shows Still Make Fun of Politicians’ Looks. Are These Jokes Justified — Or Even Funny?


“True Detective” Season Three Review


‘Space Jam’ Paved The Way For The Gluttonous Corporate Cross-Branding Of ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’


Who Even Cares What the Cast of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Has to Say About Feminism?

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Let’s Talk About All That Lesbian Sex in ‘The Handmaiden’

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‘Search Party’ Schools Us Brilliantly on the Art of the Twist

“It’s Wild West, Motherfuckers!”: Ten Years Later, ‘Death Proof’ Remains Quentin Tarantino’s Most Powerful Revenge Flick

Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner Ad is Just the Latest Example of the Brand’s Decades-Long Strategy of Co-Opting Counterculture

‘People’ Magazine’s Trump Cover and Why We Should Be Suspicious of Media That Makes Us Feel Good

‘Passengers’ Buries Its Charismatic Leads Under a Heap of Retrograde Clichés

On ‘The Girlfriend Experience,’ Sex is Business

‘Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life’ Faces Disappointment Head-On

“It’s Still Democracy Even When You Don’t Agree With It”: Jerrod Carmichael Talks Trump, the Season 2 Finale of ‘The Carmichael Show,’ and His Beef With Bruno Mars

What TBS’s New Strategy Can Tell Us About the State of the TV Comedy

The ‘Riverdale’ Fans Who Are Hardcore Shipping Betty and Veronica

‘Why I Am Not a Feminist’ Author Jessa Crispin on Patriarchal Capitalism, Clickbait, and Feminist Art

What Hath Peak TV Wrought?

‘The Young Pope’ Is a Holy Bore

‘Orange is the New Black’s Nick Sandow on Bringing Kalief Browder’s Story to the Small Screen

On ‘The Detour,’ Domestic Life’s Not a Drag — It’s an Endless Adventure

Why Men Aren’t Funny (Or, How Spectacularly Wrong Christopher Hitchens Was About Women and Comedy)

Revolution is in the Details On ‘Superstore,’ A Funny Look at Labor Struggles

‘Difficult People’ Creator Julie Klausner on Writing Comedy with a Capital “C”

In ‘Transparent’ Season 3, Theory and Reality Collide

Why, Oh, Why Did Fox Remake ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’?

Please, For the Love of God, Watch ‘Survivor’s Remorse’

Why ‘Happy Valley’ Is TV’s Most Brazenly Feminist Show


Is Confessional Writing Feminist?

The End of Torture Porn


Top Ten TV Shows of 2018

HBO’s My Brilliant Friend Honors the Intimate Power of Elena Ferrante’s Novels

HBO’s Camping Makes Time With Jennifer Garner a Total Chore


I Think We’re Alone Now Makes an Apocalypse With Peter Dinklage Kind of Blah


It Doesn’t Suck: Adam Nayman defends Showgirls


Aya Has It: Why Actress Aya Cash is One to Watch


Suffer the Little Children: On Macbeth and Steve Jobs

The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ten Songs, by Greil Marcus

Bookforum talks with Miranda July


Michelle Goldberg’s The Goddess Pose explores the life of the woman who brought yoga to the West

Elizabeth is Missing: A deeply empathetic novel about the complexities of aging

New characters, bigger stage and folly of follicles on Veep

Girls is a painfully real and relatable comedy

Rectify offers a different take on the male lead

Strong is the new authentic: How Orange is the New Black delivers female characters we can believe in

Outlander: A fantastical journey into the past

A taboo relationship from both sides of The Affair

Following the science of seduction in Masters of Sex

Where the medicine is the drama

FX takes two shots at love with new sitcoms

The Leftovers: HBO’s latest has the reappearing dead, heavy melancholy and little faith in the viewer [ed. note: I changed my mind! I really like it now! Sue me!]

Sir, your child is doodling on my banjo


RBC Canadian Painting Competition winner Patrick Cruz on immigration, Filipino culture and chaos

Game of Thrones director Jeremy Podeswa on TV’s rebirth

Paul Haggis: David Simon and I ‘are both men who don’t suffer fools’

Huff playwright Cliff Cardinal on solvent abuse: ‘a scary subculture that nobody wants to talk about’


Why the sexier, softer Mozart in the Jungle is superior to Vinyl, HBO’s leather-clad disappointment 

Give me the shivas: Unlike whitewashed TV of the past, Transparent puts Jewish identity front and centre


Dana Goldstein: How Should a Teacher Be?

Ben Steele: Russia’s Violent Intolerance

As time goes by


Mad about you

The Lynchian Sensibility: An Interview with Dennis Lim


Richard Goldstein

Kate Alcott


When Commercial Television Met the Art World


The art of compromise (cover story)

Comedy Bar: The club that’s making comedy fun again (cover story)

Bad medicine

Cool as Vice

The Lifetime network: Where every night is ladies’ night

In praise of girl-centric shows that break the rules

Rough bitches: Jenji Kohan’s world of women

TV or not TV?

Married to the Camera

Especially heinous: What’s the deal with True Detective’s sex-crime fetish?

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  1. Ms. Zarum: Just a compliment. I read your piece on the recent Dave Chappelle special. I love his comedy, and I’ll keep watching everything he does, probably forever, but I found this piece distasteful for exactly the reasons you describe. Professionals like you make intellectual argument more convenient for those of us who have other jobs to do. I can just say to my friends, “this clever chick Lara summarized my feelings precisely.” Thanks.

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